Due to exchange rate adjustments, equipment costs increased, service prices have remained unchanged, and payments have added a small fee.

If you have any questions about your order, please consult customer service

Product details
3D Rasterization AI G0 computility (monthly subscription) Automatic delivery stock(50)
Product description

Special subscription (beta), service method: work order, no manual one-to-one service, please subscribe to VIP service if manual one-to-one service is required, concurrency: 1 (shared), resolution: 512 or 1024, 2k/4k/8k required For clarity, please subscribe to the VIP service and reserve the right to temporarily suspend the service due to the failure of the national grid system. After payment, wait for the card code email (the order details are the card code) and then go to the official website to recharge. It will be valid until it is recharged.
Due to multi-party point value settlement, please be careful when placing orders. Normal orders cannot be refunded for the time being.
Third-party partners are welcome to use, the rate is 0.5%, and the settlement is daily

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